Monday, January 25, 2010

Have You Checked Your Hoses Lately?

One of our salesmen, Jeff Norton, got an email from a customer the other day regarding a brake conversion he was in the middle of. He had purchased a complete front and rear Big Brake system from us as well as our MCPV-1 master cylinder. He was having trouble bleeding the brakes and had tried just about everything in the book before asking for help. This is one of our more common tech questions from customers, some figuring it out quite easily and some having major issues with it. After trading emails back and forth for a day or two trying to solve the problem, we received this photo from him:

Yep, that is the brake hose cut open and it was completely plugged. Moral of the story? Replace all your hoses! As Jeff says, "sometimes old hoses are like a clogged artery in a person. If this hose was in a human body, they would've had a massive heart attack!" The gunk that clogged that brake hose was already in the brake system even though the brakes were working. The bleeding process only moved the gunk to the hose were it became blocked. Our engineer, Danny Nix also recommends these guidelines to maintain brake fluid: DOT 3 fluid should be flushed every 2 years; DOT 4 fluid should be flushed every year. Silicone and DOT 5 fluid are race-oriented and will absorb little to no moisture.

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