Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Pros Come to CPP!

Whenever the pros want to upgrade their cars or trucks they turn to CPP, and John Barkley of "Street Rodder" magazine is no exception. John wanted a complete power steering overhaul for his 2-door '66 Chevy Bel Air, and he got it.

We began by installing our new CP50004 power steering gear box, which is a modern unit that provides a 14:1 ratio unit and a rag joint (RJC730R). Like all of CPP's 500 Series™ steering boxes, it is engineered with recirculation ball gears for low friction and increased steering response.

Next, we installed our new CPP bottle neck Power Steering Pump (PSP6151) along with the Power Steering Bracket (PS301), Pulley (CP38809) and Hose kit (CPUHK).

For improved stability, we installed CPP's new Double Adjustable Rear Trac Bar kit and replaced the worn out coil spring and shocks with a new set of CPP coil springs and shocks.

Rounding out the job, we installed our CPP Shift Linkage kit (CPTSL-L), plus cleaned up the rear brake lines with our Rear Brake Hose Tab kit (RBHT).

Now John's Bel Air handles better than ever, and the smile on his face and his testimony below proves it.

"Guys, I have to tell you I love your new steering box that was recently installed in my 66 Bel Air. Anyone who has and drives a 60’s or 70’s GM product with power steering knows how wishy washy the steering feel is. No road feed back at all and, even worse, it’s so touchy that you can’t relax driving at highway speed, the car will wander. The new technology box you have designed and built is awesome! The road feel is back and you can comfortably cruise at today’s highway speeds (80 mph or get out of the way!) I am looking forward to upgrading the suspension now to keep up with the steering.

Thank you

John Barkley

P.S. While we were at it, we bought your power steering pump mounting kit. My car has headers so the original factory mount that includes the cast iron exhaust had been modified to work. Your mount is simple and clean, easy to install and adjust and the pump assembly now looks better."

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