Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Beauty in England



Here's something you don't see everyday in jolly ol' England: a cool American pick-up that has been revamped and customized.

Owned by Jimmy Hibbeard, this 1967 Chevy truck has come a long way in time, distance and appearance since it first arrived at Valley Gas Speed Shop, located in Berkshire, England.

For starters the original taillights were eliminated and replaced with a custom design, which were fabricated into the rear panels.

Next this little gem was given a two-tone coat of paint at House of Kolor, and finished off with silver pin-striping to separate the colors.

To improve the ride and handling, Classic Performance Product's famous suspension and brake parts were installed. This included a Full Tubular Suspension Package, (trailing arms, crossmember, C-notches, shock relocation kit, deluxe trac bar, lowering blocks, lowered shocks, axle perches, U-bolts, coil springs, and spring retainers) and a Front and Rear Disc Brake Kit. Plus, a CPP fuel tank was added.

For the interior, a Dakota digital dash was installed into a custom made dash, which wraps round into the doors. The changes didn't stop there. "We added engine-turned aluminum in the dash along with So-Cal switches," commented Jimmy. "Plus, we also installed an air conditioning system by Vintage Air."

All of this was complimented by Bespoke Car Interiors, which trimmed the cab in black with hints of silver.

Finally, Intro Custom Wheels were installed, "Which is rare in this part of the world," Jimmy declared. "Indeed, we don't think anyone else has these types of wheels over here."

This American beauty will be debuted April 2nd at Wheels Day, held in Aldershot, England.