Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Magic Carpet Ride

At CPP we get thing done ASAP. Once the Engineering, Art and Photo departments were relocated to more spacious digs next door, their combined space was demolished (see blog: "Size Does Matter") to make way for a new work area. That job was completed within a week.

The final step to complete the project was to lay new carpet. So the floor was cleared of dirt and debris, and a layer of carpet glue was lathered onto the bare floor. Next the carpet was laid on the floor and made snug against the wall. Finally, black baseboards were glue along the edge of the carpet and wall. After that, it only needed to be vacuumed and the job was complete, and what was once three small offices is now one large space ready to be occupied by the Procurement Department

As you can see, CPP isn't standing still. We're growing at a sure and steady pace, which means we can offer you more and better service and at a greater value.

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