Thursday, April 29, 2010

Virtual Reality: 3-D Scanner

It’s out with the old, and in with the new.

Add ImageIn the past, when we wanted reproduce an existing OEM part and/or design an improved part to work with an OEM part, we would have to measure the OEM part by hand, reproduce it as an illustration, from which a hand-tooled prototype would be produced. Then the prototype would be used to test fit the new part(s) designed to work with it. Labor intensive and time consuming, it often required weeks, if not months, to produce. Those days are gone.

Now, CPP has Multi-Stripe Laser Triangulation (MLT) technology This Star Trek like tool uses lasers to scan any part to produce a virtual 3-D reproduction. The accuracy of the reproduction is unparalleled with 360,000 dots measure per sq inch.

Next, using our computer assisted design (CAD) system the 3-D reproduction can be virtually integrated and tested with any part we desire to create. This means we can quickly and easily work out the kinks for a better fit with in hours instead of weeks or months. With a shorter turn-around time from concept to production, products are much improved and costs are minimized.

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