Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2nd Gen Camaro Passes With Flying Colors!

Editors over at Source Interlink took a couple of Camaros out to the track for a test run. The results are amazing! With "Camaro Performers" Nick Licata at the wheel, this cherry red 2nd Gen Camaro featuring CPP's new Tubular Control Arms, 500 Series Power Steering Box and Sway Bar with Billet Mounting Brackets took the slalom course at 48 mph! That beat out the new Camaro that took the run at 46 mph. Check out these parts and much more in our new Catalog 17.

"Totally Tubular" Control Arms #7081TCA-ULK - $733
500 Series Power Steering Box #CP50004 - $379
Sway Bar #CP709U - $149

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