Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hot Rod Unlimited Features CPP

Nothing like dragging a 4-decade old car out of the desert sand (literally!), swapping out some brake, steering and suspension parts (from CPP, of course!) and hitting the track for some serious pounding. All this was captured on a recent YouTube episode of “Hot Rod Unlimited”.

Host David Freiburger, Hot Rod magazine's editor-in-chief rescued a '66 Buick Special convertible that had been abandoned in an Arizona backyard for 33 years. With some help from Source Interlink’s Tech Center Manager Grant Peterson, the car was outfitted with CPP’s Stage I Pro Touring kit, front disc brake kit, steering linkage, and 500 Series™ power steering box. Other than some new tires, the rest was left untouched.

Next, Freiburger and Camaro Performers magazine's Nick Licata took the Buick out to the El Toro testing facility and ran it through a series of tests. The results were amazing. Check out the video above; you won’t believe your eyes! Also, check out the full story in Hot Rod’s December 2012 issue.

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