Thursday, September 12, 2013

1949 Masterpiece

Recently, we had a really nice 1st series truck roll into our shop; beautiful red paint, nice lowered look. Owned by Tom Rowe and built by Lakeman Chassis in Fullerton, this early hauler sports a Corvette LS drive train and independent front suspension. Plus, it features CPP parts including our steering U-joints and steering shaft combination as well as many other components tucked neatly under that LS engine! Modern day performance combined with a timeless classic. We want to thank Tom for sharing his 1949 masterpiece with us.

Watch How Our Showroom was Created

CPP's beautiful new showroom has been open for a while. But do you know what it took to transform nearly 4,000 sq. ft. of ugly, empty warehouse into a huge, amazing showpiece? To see how it was done, watch our new video as we compress four weeks of work into several minutes of fun.